How It Works

Simply put, SasQuatch consists of SMART ITEMS that can find their own locations and SMART LOCATIONS that can list the items they contain. Items can be physical things or ideas, links and images. Locations can be physical places or abstract zones or categories.

Searching with keywords gives you a list of matching items. Of course! NOW click any single item in the SQList to expand its location in the SQTree. This gives you a "road map" to the item's Location or Zone. If the item is in a bin on a shelf in the garage and you put it there two years ago, this can be a big deal!

But you can do it the other way around TOO! Searching by clicking on a Location in the SQTree instead gives you a list of any items in that Location or Zone. For example, if the Location represents a physical box or bin, now we have a list of the contents without having to take the box down and look.